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Do you owe money to the IRS? How about the state of California?

If you do, then we can help.

Unfortunately, your tax debt won’t just ‘go away’, and will keep following you until you can actually get rid of it once and for all. The IRS won’t just forget about you. Right now, they are delayed about 1-3 years in actually prosecuting, but once they do, they don’t hold back. You can expect things like:

Wage Garnishments
Bank Levies
Revenue Officers showing up on your doorstep
Tax Liens on your home
They will not only come after you, but most likely will bully you into paying everything.

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You need a tax relief attorney in your corner

What you really need in a situation like this is someone who deals with the IRS and state governments on a daily basis. Here at Instant Tax Attorney, we have helped thousands of people just like you get relief from the debt they have with the IRS. We are often able to negotiate a reduced amount that you actually have to pay them. There are plenty of IRS programs out there, designed to help you, such as:

  • Offer in Compromise (OIC)
  • Installment Plans
  • Innocent Spouse Relief

During your free consultation, we will walk you through which of these programs that you qualify for, and will help you to get started in actually dealing with the problem.

Why Choose Us?

The benefit of going with us is that we are experts in tax relief, and deal with the IRS on a daily basis. We don’t get bullied around by them like normal citizens do, and have access to phone numbers and programs that the average citizen doesn’t.

We have a 98% approval rating, and have helped many other people right in the San Jose area get the relief that they needed.

We can show you exactly what you need to do in order to finally get rid of the problem once and for all. Just imagine not having to worry about your tax debt anymore. What kind of freedom would that bring to your life?

Give us a call today at (619) 867-0855 to see what programs you qualify for, and how much money you can look to save.

Do You Qualify for an Offer in Compromise Agreement?

One of the best and most effective ways to save a TON of money on the tax debt that you owe is to see if you qualify for a cool program known as the Offer in Compromise program. It’s an agreement between you and the government that would allow you to settle for a fraction of what you owe (often times up to 90% – 95% off the amount), based on an inability to repay. This inability may be from a bad life situation, unemployment, or many other things.

It is a complicated program to get into, but if you do, you could save a lot of money. Give us a call today to see if you qualify for this awesome opportunity!

Have you had a Wage Garnishment?

Has the government gone to your employer yet to slap a wage garnishment on you? They can legally go to your boss, and are automatically ‘entitled’ to a large percentage of your hard-earned money. If they haven’t gotten to you yet, rest assured that they will in time.

You can stop this from happening almost entirely by dealing with your tax debt issue immediately.

Our experienced tax attorneys have dealt with thousands of wage garnishment situations in the past, and are ready to take on the IRS for you. We can remove your garnishment within a 24 hour period, so you can regain control of your life and your finances.

Un-filed Returns and Back Debts

Have you neglected to file your tax returns for a number of years? Often times, it only takes ‘getting compliant’ with them in terms of back returns, in order to get out of a lot of trouble. We can help with this by submitting your old returns to our contacts at the IRS, and can get your issue lifted very quickly.

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How Does the IRS Offer in Compromise Work?

The IRS Offer in Compromise works in this manner that it permits you to settle your tax debt for less than the total amount you owe. It can be a legitimate option in the event you can not pay your tax liability that is complete, or doing so creates a financial hardship. The IRS consider Skill to pay your unique group of facts and circumstances; Income; Expenses; and Asset equity. The Internal Revenue Service normally approve an offer in compromise when the amount offered represents the most they are able to expect to accumulate in California within a reasonable time.

How Can I Eliminate My Tax Debt?

By asking for additional time to pay, it's possible for you to eliminate your Tax Debt. It's possible for you to request an additional 60 to 120 days to pay what you owe. Pay by debit card or credit card. You might have a credit card that offers a lower rate, possibly even a zero percent teaser rate for a year. The IRA shuffle: You can not borrow from your IRA, but did you know that if you wish to transfer the funds from one account to another, you have 60 days? In effect, this is the same as a 60 day loan.

Can Tax Lawyers Really Help?

Yes, tax lawyers in San Jose, CA can actually help. It is extremely vital that you manage your tax issues very carefully. IRS tax issues are extremely critical and sensitive issue and also a small error in the process can cost you quite dearly in the type of loss of cash, time, can get you frustrated and may even land you in jail. The tax laws and the legalities involved in the method of tax resolution of your IRS taxes could be very complex and you may not understand it whatsoever. Thus, it's a good idea to hire an expert in tax representation, who'll have the capacity to handle your situation in California .

How Should I Choose My Tax Lawyer?

Selecting your tax attorney can occasionally be challenging but it's very crucial when it comes to your tax problems. Hiring a tax attorney to help you with your tax needs in San Jose, CA depends on your own unique scenario. The tax lawyer you select can either make it a million times worse or correct the problem. This is why before you hire the attorney, certain questions must be asked. You want to be sure you have someone knowledgeable, truthful and working for you, and not against, on your side.

Does Tax Debt Affect My Credit Rating?

When you don't pay a commercial debt, such as a loan obligation, the neglected payment is reported by your lender to the credit bureaus. A tax debt is no cause for panic that is instant since federal law forbids the authorities or California from reporting your tax debt to the credit agencies. Should you not make arrangements to resolve your tax debt, nevertheless, your state (California) and federal governments have the right to file a tax lien against you. A tax lien gives the authorities the right to seize your assets in lieu of payment. As such, it's going to appear on your own credit report consequently this can impact your credit rating.

How to Reduce Tax Debt to the IRS?

There are several ways to reduce the IRS tax debt of one. First, using assistance from a CPA or a tax attorney in San Jose to help in examining the citizen's situation and coming up with the most effective game plan to decrease the person 's Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax debt is a good starting point. These tax professionals can give sound guidance on the best way to lower your tax debt and they're equipped with the knowledge on how to deal with the Internal Revenue Service. If a citizen indeed has acute back tax debts, then a tax professional can deal with the figures and produce the most effective solution to remove the tax debt in California.

What Tax Debt is Dischargeable?

Most unsecured consumer debts for example back lease, utility bills, medical bills, personal loans, authorities benefit overpayments, and credit card fees are dischargeable in Chapter 7 bankruptcy. There's an exception to clear if the cash, California property, or services was obtained under false pretenses. The false pretense must have been made in writing to the lender and the misrepresentation must have been material, which suggests the representation was such that the lender would not have offered credit had the true facts been known. Moreover, money rulings are typically dischargeable, with a few exceptions.

Does IRS Forgive Tax Debt After 10 Years?

The statute of limitations for the Internal Revenue Service to collect taxes back is 10 years after the IRS has assessed of a tax liability. Basically, this means the IRS has a 10 year window to collect on a taxpayer's want and once that window closes the IRS loses its authorized claim towards the back taxes. This system seems great for the avid tax protester, but this is hardly a get out of jail free card since the IRS will still likely take collection actions in the type of a tax lien and/or levy. A lien is a claim on the taxpayer's California property used as security for the citizen's debt, while a levy is the legal seizure of the citizen's property to satisfy the debt.

What Should I Ask My Tax Lawyer?

Before you hire your tax lawyer in California, you must ask him or her the following questions: How long has she or he been practicing law? Do they just practice tax law, or do they also work in other areas of practice? Have they previously handled tax scenarios much like yours? What is their evaluation of your situation? What works for you and against you? What course of action would they advocate in case you hired him or her? Do they charge a flat fee or hourly rate, or do they use some other billing construction? Can you estimate my total legal fees?

What Sort of Tax Debt Resolution Programs Are Available?

There are several IRS tax relief programs to help, including the agency's Fresh Start initiative. An Installment Agreement is generally accessible to those who can't pay their tax debt in full at one time. The program enables individuals to make smaller monthly payments until the entire debt is met. An Offer in Compromise (OIC) lets taxpayers forever settle their tax debt for under the amount they owe. The OIC is an important instrument to help individuals in small conditions; taxpayers are eligible only after other payment options have been exhausted. To people who have not paid their taxes because of a special adversity in San Jose, penalty abatement may be offered by the IRS in very limited circumstances.