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Are you looking for a trustworthy law firm serving San Diego that can answer a few questions that you have regarding the back tax liability that you owe the IRS or the state of California (under current tax law)? Want to know if you qualify for a variety of programs that the IRS is offering to help you finally get out of owing them money?

You need to give us a call.

Our team of highly-rated tax lawyers, CPAs and registered agents are ready to answer whatever questions or concerns that you have about your tax debt, and give you options at how you would like to handle everything.

You need an attorney you can trust to go to battle with the IRS for you, who won’t get bullied and pushed around like normal taxpayers, but can work on your behalf to get the relief you deserve.

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The IRS Won't Just Go Away

The biggest thing that most people think about when it comes to back tax debt is that after a while, the IRS will just ‘go away’ and they will never have to deal with the actual problem. This isn’t true at all. If the tax agents haven’t come after you yet, it’ll only be a matter of time until they show up at your home or business to try and get the money that you owe.

Don’t you owe it to yourself and your family to actually get rid of this issue?

A Qualified Tax Attorney Can Help You

One the best ways to handle this is to get in contact with people that deal with the IRS, current tax law and back taxes on a daily basis. Whether you have recently had a bank levy or wage garnishment placed, or even worse, have had a tax lien put on your house, we can help. Our team of lawyers will be able to figure out exactly what programs that you qualify for (Offer in Compromise, Installment Agreements, etc.), and get you started on the path to freedom.

So if you are ready to finally put this issue to bed, and get help with negotiating a favorable settlement for you, then you need to give us a call today at (619) 867-0855.

If not now, then when? They will never just go away.

Here are some of the services that we offer:

Checking if You Qualify for an Offer in Compromise

One of the best ways you can save a ton of money on what you owe in tax liability is to qualify for an Offer in Compromise agreement. This program can save you up to 95% on what you owe, but can be tricky to qualify for. In most cases, if your monthly expenses exceeds your monthly income, you may be able to enroll. We can negotiate with the IRS based on your taxable wages, expenses, liabilities and individual situation to see if you can get into the program.

They even will make exceptions for medical emergencies, bankruptcies, and natural disasters (hurricanes, fires, etc.), where you lose a portion of your property, earning potential, etc.

Not everyone will qualify under their strict regulations and statues, and even applying to the program without wise counsel could lead to exposing more personal information to the government than you should. What you really need to do before calling your IRS revenue officer is to give one of our attorneys a call for a free consultation, where we will walk through your specific situation to see if you can qualify.

How to Negotiate an Agreement Like This

Covering Your Un-Filed Tax Returns

One of the easiest ways to get back in good-standing with the IRS (or as they refer to as ‘compliant’), is to make sure that you have all past returns properly filed. If you don’t file them yourself, they will actually file them for you, but will not include any deductions, exemptions, or anything that would actually save you any money.

We can help you file all back tax returns, and will work to get you every deduction and exemption that you qualify for, which could end up saving you thousands of dollars in the end.

Removing Bank Levies and Liens

A very troubling way that the state government or IRS can start to get back the money they are owed is to place a lien or levy on your property.

If they place a tax lien on your property, that means they are now have legal ownership of your house, car, boats, RVs, etc., and you cannot do anything with them until your tax issues are handled to resolution. If you try to sell it, re-finance it, or anything else, the institution or governing body has the right to come in and claim ownership of it, leaving you with nothing. That leads us to the next possible action they can take – placing a levy on your property.

When a federal levy is placed on your property, that means the government actually comes into legally seize your property, and can sell it off to pay back your back taxes. It’s legal thievery!

If you have faced either of these issues, you need to deal with them immediately before they get worse. Our firm full of trusted lawyers can help remove these immediately, and even prevent them from happening if they haven’t taken action yet. Believe us, if they haven’t gotten to you yet, it’s just a matter of time…

Stopping Wage Garnishments in their Tracks

Unfortunately, the IRS has the legal ability to come into your business or employer, and actually garnish a portion of each of your paychecks. This process / action is known as a Federal Wage Garnishment, and can be devastating for your monthly disposable income and quality of life. They are legally able to garnish up to 25% of your wages, and will do so until your debt is fully paid back.

Imagine what your employer would think if the federal government came into their business, and told them you are dishonest about your taxes? What would they think about you from then on? Do you think they would want to promote you within their company?

We can remove wage garnishments very quickly, so you can move on with your life and earnings. If you have had a garnishment placed on your income, please give us a call today. An expert lawyer or registered agent will be able to take action immediately, and negotiate the removal of that restriction from your earnings.

Learn More about our Garnish Relief Program.

Negotiating Installment Agreements and Penalty Abatements

Chances are that if you have tax issues and have built up a debt with the IRS, than you have had all sorts of penalties, interest rate charges, and more slapped on the amount you already owe. In certain cases, these penalties can make up for a very large portion of the debt that you have.

When you work with a qualified lawyer to get things resolved, we can often get these penalties removed (known as Penalty Abatement), and interest charges dropped, which can significantly reduce the amount that you owe.
In the end, we would most likely able to also negotiate a re-payment schedule that would be much easier to manage (known as an Installment Agreement), so you can pay back the amount you owe over time instead of all at once like they would like you to do.

If either of these programs interest you, please give us a phone call today, and we’d be happy to walk through your options in a free consultation. These are things we do every single day, so have gotten very good at making them happen for our clients.

Serving San Diego and Surrounding Areas

Serving All of San DiegoWe are proud to serve the greater Southern California region from our home base in San Diego. This office covers the following cities and areas:

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If you are in any of those spaces, please feel free to give us a call to chat today!

Picking Out a Lawyer that You Can Trust

Unfortunately in the tax relief industry, there are lots of scams that come and go. Some use post card mailers to try and drum up victims, and others keep rebranding their company every year after they get too many negative reviews.

Whether you work with us, or anyone else, we urge you to check into their reviews and ratings BEFORE you sign any documents, to ensure you are working with a good bunch of lawyers, and not a bunch of scammers.

Use verified third-party review systems to look up past client ratings, to see what kind of work the company does, issues it has, and more.

We are Instant Tax Solutions, and have had an A+ rating with the BBB for years now, and have helped 1,000’s of great people just like you to get the relief they need from their issues. We would love to add you to that list as well! Here are some of our reviews:

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Does Tax Debt Go On Your Credit Report?

Owing the IRS a large tax bill does not automatically change your credit report. But you decide to pay your taxes does, and your credit may be impacted by unpaid taxes as well. (It's in exactly the same group as a repossession or court judgments in California.) and/or state local taxing authorities may also file tax liens. And even if you file for bankruptcy, lien and your tax debt may continue.

Can Tax Debt Be Reduced?

Yes, your tax debt could be reduced. There are many approaches to reduce one's IRS tax debt. As an example, applying the aid of a CPA or a tax lawyer in California to help in assessing the taxpayer's situation and coming up with the very best game plan to decrease the person 's Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax debt is a good starting point. These tax professionals can give sound advice about how to lower your tax debt and they are equipped with the knowledge about how to take care of the IRS. If a citizen truly has serious back tax debts, then a San Diego tax professional can handle the amounts and produce the most effective option to remove the tax debt.

Does Tax Debt Affect My Credit Score?

Should you submit an application for a personal loan to cover a larger-than-expected tax bill, your payment record as well as the loan amount will soon be noticed in your credit reports. Although the drop is temporary and also the loan application itself will count as an inquiry into your credit and this will definitely lower your credit score a bit. Should you should make an application for a personal loan in San Diego to cover a tax bill, start by obtaining a free look at your credit strengths and weaknesses using a Credit History Card. Minimize loan applications by finding out a lender's minimum credit score requirements in advance. Select a creditor in California with credit conditions that match your credit score.

How to Reduce Tax Debt to the IRS?

There are several ways to reduce the IRS tax debt of one. First, using assistance from a CPA or a tax attorney in San Diego to aid in assessing the citizen's situation and coming up with the very best game plan to reduce the individual's Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax debt is a great starting point. These tax professionals can give sensible guidance on the best way to lower your tax debt and they are more equipped with the knowledge on how to take care of the Internal Revenue Service. If a citizen truly has severe back tax debts, then a tax professional can deal with the amounts and produce the very best remedy to get rid of the tax debt in California.

Will negotiating with the IRS result in a higher tax debt if they find something out?

It happens that they find outside something and when you're negotiating with the IRS, they threaten you with charges that are serious and even could be harsh on you. This is really a very serious situation, and one that you do not want to handle on your own. There are times when the IRS has no option however to pursue criminal charges. Generally, this is the consequence of income tax evasion. In the event you do not, the IRS will require start to send notices to you. The longer you go without responding or paying the more it seems that you are hiding.

Can Tax Debt Be Inherited?

The short answer is, not in most instances. However there are scenarios where someone could be legally responsible for paying off your bills after death. Plus, into paying off debts for which they are not responsible, simply to be left alone, competitive lenders have been understood to coerce heirs. In case you're fearful that your financial heritage will be a batch of outstanding invoices, here's what you have to understand and prepare for: In general, children aren't responsible for paying off their parents' unsecured debts - things like credit cards, personal loans and medical bills, which are not collateralized by physical property in San Diego or California. Creditors will need to write them off if there's not enough money in the estate to pay off those bills.

How Should I Calculate my Offer in Compromise Agreement?

Your first step in deciding whether to pursue an Offer in Compromise would be to estimate what the IRS terms your Reasonable Collection Potential (RCP). This really is essentially the heart of any Offer in Compromise and will be the foundation of the conclusion concerning whether to accept or reject your offer of the Internal Revenue Service, since the Internal Revenue Service requires that your offer equal or surpass your RCP. The Reasonable Collection Potential, in essence, is what the IRS sensibly and potentially could expect to collect from you from the affection of your wages and income in California along with from the seizure of your assets in order to settle the tax assessment against you.

Can IRS Tax Debt Expire?

Yes, this is due to the fact that the IRS has ten 10 years to collect a debt. The IRS can no longer legally collect the debt after that time has passed and they write it off. The ten year interval is measured from the date the tax was assessed, not when it was initially due. If you never filed a tax return, but the IRS filed one for you using a Substitute for Return / 6020(b) assessment, then the statute of limitations started running whenever that assessment was processed by the IRS on your own behalf. The date your debts expire is known in IRS-lingo as the Collection Statute Expiration Date, or CSED.

How Much Do Tax Lawyers Cost?

Most competent and reputable tax lawyers in San Diego will charge their clients on an hourly basis for all services. This will generally be an hourly cost of between $200 and $400. Usually, a tax lawyer will require their customer make a prepayment, which is referred to as a retainer. This retainer is going to be a prepayment based on the amount of hours that your tax lawyer considers they'll be working on your own behalf. As the work nears conclusion, this hourly fee will be deducted from the retainer.

Does a Tax Attorney Need a CPA?

Tax attorneys specialize in the minutiae of the Internal Revenue Service tax code. They offer guidance on legal issues that are complicated, particularly in the areas of estate preparation, trusts, tax disputes, and company tax law. Attorneys are strong negotiators who analyze case facts in light of the law and construct arguments that best support a position that is desired. The court system can be used by them in ways that offer leverage in resolving tax cases in California. Some tax lawyers help prepare your tax returns for a premium; tax attorneys aren't accountants and are rarely involved in filing taxes with the Internal Revenue Service nonetheless. Therefore, they might want a CPA when maximizing deductions and planning ahead for future tax years.